10 Mindfulness Exercises to Combat Stress and Anxiety

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Mindfulness. It’s sprung up in the wheat fields of the web as the answer to all our worries. But what exactly is it, why should we be mindful and what…


How Mindfulness Can Ease Transition from Holiday to Work

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Do you feel stressed out at the thought that the holiday period is over? You may be thinking back on the glorious times you had, doing the things you loved,...
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6 Apps For Health And Well-Being

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Research from the Australian Psychological Society in 2015 revealed 35 percent of Australians were suffering from “significant distress” and over a fifth suffered from anxiety levels classed as “above normal.”…

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5 Ways Massage Therapy Improves Health And Wellbeing

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The most common reason for a person to receive a massage is to address physical pain. However, the majority of people don’t realise the plethora of health benefits that massage…