massage for women

The Benefits of Massage For Women

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Everyone deserves a little “me time”. Relaxation is an essential component of every aspect of our health. The extra stressors of everyday life make self-care all the more vital to our overall wellbeing. Women, especially, need to focus on relaxation for therapeutic purposes. Women have unique health concerns that require…
massage for headaches

How To Massage for Headaches, Migraines & Stress Relief

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Headaches are, unfortunately, all too common. They can be painful and disruptive, and sometimes debilitating. Thankfully, massage for headaches can help to sooth a sore head and keep frequent headaches at bay. Headaches are caused by several internal and external factors. Stress is one of the major culprits, dehydration is…
anti-ageing massage

How Anti-Ageing Massage Helps You Look & Feel Younger

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Want to look and feel younger? Don’t we all! Sagging skin, dulling eyes and fine lines are all common signs that time is passing us by. According to a 2013 survey of 2000 people, the average age a woman wants to look is 31. Furthermore, 56% of women and 34%…
frozen shoulder

Treating A Frozen Shoulder Through Massage Therapy

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Struggling to lift your arm? Recently acquired a shoulder injury that you can’t seem to recover from? You may be suffering from adhesive capsulitis – commonly known as frozen shoulder. Frozen shoulder is the scarring, thickening and shrinkage of the joint capsule that results in a severe loss of motion…