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Looking for remedial massage jobs in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane?

Join Blys today and enjoy the benefits of being an independent mobile massage therapist.

  • Get more clients, and earn on average $95/booking
  • Work when you want, no obligations
  • Know your customer, stay safe on the job

Join blys mobile massage sydney

Money in your bank weekly

Best Rates, Fast Payments

  • Blys Massage Therapists earn on average $95 per booking on our platform.
  • Instant direct deposit payments to your account.
  • Blys charges customers fees for late cancellations, up to the full price of a Blys Massage – so you don’t lose money if a customer cancels a booking.

Work when you want mobile therapist

Be Your Own Boss

At Blys, you make your own schedule. Work when you want to, no obligations. Enjoy an independent lifestyle.

  • Sign in to our mobile app when you’re available to take appointments. When you’re not available, log off. Simple as that!
  • We’ll use your phone’s GPS system to update your location, and we’ll send you requests that are most relevant for you.
  • If you are available and want to take a massage request, simply go to our mobile app, browse through open jobs and accept a booking.

Be safe and use blys massage

Enjoy Safety At Work

At Blys, we give our therapists peace of mind by offering the best security. We keep the creeps away.

  • All Blys Massage clients must register a valid mobile number and credit card before they make a booking request.
  • Blys phone-screens clients to ensure our service type and terms are clear.
  • Therapists use a check in/check out system so we know you’ve safely completed your appointment.
  • Blys Therapists review Blys customers after each appointment. Any client that doesn’t comply with our service guidelines is removed from our platform immediately.
  • Blys Customer Service is available 24/7, if you need any assistance or have questions.

Don’t just take our word for it.

This is what our therapists are saying!

I love the convenience that Blys provides. It’s easy to work, a good way of connecting clients to reliable, quality therapists and from the therapist perspective, it’s a handy way to see a few extra clients on the side of my current clinic hours. It’s a step forward in the massage industry in simplifying the massage booking process and providing convenience for the client to not have to scroll through endless google search results to find a massage therapist, who probably doesn’t have any appointments available when you want it anyway. In summary, three words: convenience, simplicity, quality.

Blys Therapist

I love Blys for the reasons being it’s a platform for therapists to do what they love doing without having to do the things they don’t like doing such as marketing and advertising. It’s a two way street. As it’s only starting up, I’m excited for the opportunity to meet new customers and work as a team. Plus the guys that brought it to fruition are pretty awesome. 🙂

Blys Therapist

Blys handles the business side of my craft. It’s a well organised operation and a concept that is needed to fill that side of the market that runs on an accountable and networking online community.

Blys Therapist

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