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Mobile Spray Tan Near Me

A spray-tan can sometimes be a slow and lengthy activity from waiting in line at the salon and the skin-prep before your treatment.

A spray-tan with Blys though? We take all the difficulty out of a spray-tan, giving glowy skin that’s perfect for any occasion. A spray-tan treatment in the comfort at home is always a plus, allowing you to look and feel your best in no time!

Taking only 30-45 minutes, an in-home spray-tan is the way to go if you need that natural glow for a work event, formal or special occasion. 

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Why Choose Blys?


Choosing Blys is up to the individual, of course, but there are so many benefits to having a mobile spray tan treatment. Having the comfort and convenience of being in your own home when you get your spray-tan (especially if you’re a first-timer!) is the best perk of mobile spray-tanning.

A spray-tan is the best choice for getting your skin glowing for any special occasion or event, and with Blys we’ve made it easy! Our simple payment and booking process and, of course, the ease of having an in-home treatment makes getting your spray-tan as easy as pie.

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Where is Blys near me?

Searching ‘spray-tanning near me’ will always bring you to spray-tan salons or spas close to your current location, but if you’re looking for a spray-tan that’s easy and made for comfort, Blys is the way to go.

The best part? Blys is always near you, because we’re a mobile booking platform! Simply head to Spray Tan to book your next treatment or download the Blys app. Our platform allows you to pick your chosen beauty therapist based on location as well- check out our provider directory to see who’s in your area.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What to do before a spray tan?

Before a spray tan, avoid using perfume, creams, lotions, deodorant, or make-up to your spray tan session.

What to wear to a spray tan?

Choose loose clothes that will not rub on your skin. Flowy dresses and skirts, as well as loose-fitting jumpsuits, are perfect. Avoid wearing a bra or panties if you’re comfortable, it tends to stick to the skin and may cause discoloration.

What products will my spray tan technician use?

Each spray tan technician has their own professional kit, unique to them. To find out what products and tools your technician will use, view their bio by heading to your upcoming bookings page and clicking on their profile picture.

If you have allergies or sensitivities to certain products, let your technician know by adding a message for them in the ‘notes for therapist’ section at the time of booking.

Can i sit down after a spray tan?

Try to avoid sitting or moving for as long as possible after a spray tan. You may feel greasy till you take a shower, and it’s totally natural for some streaks and smearing to appear. So, simply wait as long as you can before sitting down.

How long does a spray tan last?

Even the best spray tans won’t last forever. Generally speaking, a lighter tan will last on the skin for up to five days, a medium tan will stick around for up to seven days and a dark tan should last for up to 10 days.

However, these are practical steps you can take to preserve your post-tan glow for as long as possible (but more on that in a minute!).

How do I prepare for my spray tanning appointment?

All you need to do beforehand is pick the room you’d like to have your treatment in and clear 2x2m of floor space near an electrical outlet for your technician to set up their spray tan tent.

You’ll also need to ensure that you’ve exfoliated the night prior and that your skin is clean and free from makeup, moisturiser and deodorant prior to their arrival.

Is a spray tan worth it?

Yes, spray tan is worth it. Spray tans give you a more confident appearance without the damaging UV rays of natural tans.

Can I contact my spray tan technician prior to my appointment?

Yes! 48 hours prior to your booking start time, you will be able to message your spray tan technician using the chat function in the app. To access the chat function, open your app and head to the upcoming bookings page, select your booking and then click ‘message spray tan technician’.

Your spray tan technician will also have the ability to message you prior to your appointment to ask any questions they may have to ensure they can best prepare to achieve your desired results.

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