Blys Concierge - Massage for Hotels
Blys NewsIndustry News
November 12, 2018

Blys Concierge launches across Australia

Blys Concierge officially launches across Australia Helping hotels deliver a premium in-room spa experience, without…
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Reflexology for feet with Blys Massage
Therapist Hub
November 9, 2018

Reflexology: Origins, Theories, And Why It Can Be Good For You

What is reflexology? Reflexology is an ancient practice that aims to keep the body balanced.…
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Bilal Farooq - head of growth blys massage
Blys NewsFeatures
November 6, 2018

Meet The Team: Bilal Farooq Head of Growth

As the Head of Growth at Blys, Bilal Farooq is responsible for marketing, business intelligence…
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Office Massage
October 23, 2018

Six Awesome Ideas For Your Next Team Building Day

A team building day is one way to supercharge your team. People that work well together…
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Swedish relaxation massage
A Guide To Massage
October 2, 2018

Swedish Relaxation Massage: The Best Form Of Stress Relief?

Ahh, Sweden: bestower of four-piece disco-pop ensembles, crazy affordable DIY furniture, mouth-watering meatballs and the ultimate form…
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