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TammaraSydney, Deep Tissue Massage

“Amazing massage thank you. Incredibly knowledgeable and aware of our individual body issues and needs for today’s treatments. Firm but gentle. Really lovely. Blys is indeed Sydney's no 1 mobile massage service.”

BrookeSydney, Remedial Massage

“AMAZING mobile massage in Sydney! Best massage I’ve had in a long time and Ingrid was such a professional. Looking forward to booking a massage at home again soon.”

JessianAdelaide, Swedish Relaxation Massage

“Great and very professional. Looking forward to the next one!”

JennySydney, Swedish Relaxation Massage

“From ease of booking and payment through to the level of service delivered, my 60 minute Swedish massage at home was first class. I will definitely use Blys again and would recommend the service to others.”

ReneeSydney, Remedial Massage

“Amazing!! I got home from work and was in a state of relaxation immediately! It's one of the best massages in Sydney I've had and I don't have to go anywhere now! I could get addicted to this...”

KateMelbourne, Deep Tissue Massage

“Lyndal was so professional and great. I normally go to beauty salons for massages and can never fully relax but with Lyndal's massage I found myself dozing off and relaxing for the first time in ages as I am a very busy person. Lyndal is hands down the best massage therapist in Melbourne.”

JessicaBrisbane, Pregnancy Massage

“Thank you so much, my massage was the combination of the perfect amount of deep pressure and relaxation. I have already recommended Blys massage Brisbane to my friends.”

KimSydney, Remedial Massage

“My Blys massage therapist was great! Really professional with a thorough knowledge of muscle groups and identifying muscles which need more attention. He even gave me a couple stretch techniques which I can use to avoid tight muscles. He is undoubtedly one of the best massage therapist in Sydney. Would highly recommend Blys!”

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From $119

per person

When you want to release tension and feel relaxed and rejuvenated in minimal time.

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From $149

per person

When you need a little extra me-time to soothe sore muscles and relax your mind and body.

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From $169

per person

When you want deep relaxation or have stubborn knots that need a little extra love.

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From $219

per person

The ultimate self-care session designed to leave you feeling totally brand new.

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These prices include travel, a massage table, towels or sheets, oil, music and a professional full-body massage by a qualified and vetted massage therapist that comes to you. These prices are standard base rates per person and do not include the 5% processing fee. The final price will vary depending on your preferred location, date, time and specific requirements. View our pricing page for more details.

You won't be charged until your booking is confirmed.

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Couples Massage Delivered To You

What is a couples massage?

A couples massage is a spa-like experience where two individuals receive
massages either at the same time side by side with two separate massage
therapists or one after the other by one massage therapist. It’s designed to
allow couples, friends, or family to enjoy a fun and relaxing activity

Why choose Blys for your next couples massage?

If you want to
experience a luxurious couples massage
without leaving the house or waiting weeks for a booking at your local spa
then Blys is for you! We connect you with qualified and highly skilled massage
therapists who will come to you with everything they need.

With Blys you can forget the hassle of travelling to and from the spa and
instead let a top-rated mobile massage therapist take care of you in the
comfort of your own home or hotel, 7 days a week, between 6 am and midnight.

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Sydney, Relaxation Massage

"I had an in-home massage and it was absolutely amazing. The process was so simple to book everything in and it really made me realize that I can have a self-care routine without leaving the house."


Melbourne, Remedial Massage

"I downloaded the app, contacted one of the massage therapists and within an hour, I had a massage therapist at home, fully equipped with all of their equipment. It was an amazing treatment, extremely professional."


Brisbane, Swedish Massage

"I woke up on Sunday with a really sore neck, found Blys online and within one and a half hours had a massage therapist in my home giving me a fabulous massage."


Sydney, Deep Tissue Massage

"I use Blys services quite regularly. I find all the therapists very reliable. I like the flexibility. I can have it at my hotel or home, anytime I like."

Frequently Asked Questions

What is couples massage?

A couples massage is a joint massage that can be performed simultaneously with two therapists or back-to-back with a single therapist. When you book a couples massage with Blys, you can tailor your massage styles to suit your preferences.

Who would benefit from a couples massage?

A couples massage can be enjoyed by partners, friends, or family. A Blys couples massage is an ideal gift for a loved one that can be enjoyed by you and someone else, or bought for other people.

What should I expect from my home couples massage?

A couples in-home massage is comfortable and familiar. You should expect both parties to enjoy feelings of closeness and a renewed sense of companionship during this shared activity. A couples massage can be an intimate journey for both parties, which is why a couples in-home massage is perfect.

Can I choose my massage therapist?

Yes! You can browse massage therapists in your area by heading to the provider directory and inputting your location and preferred service type into the search field.  

From here you can click the individual provider listings to view their complete profile including their bio, reviews and rating. 

Once you’ve chosen your preferred massage therapist you can book them directly by clicking the ‘book’ button on their profile page.  

If your selected massage therapist isn’t available, we’ll prompt you to either reschedule to another time or select another massage therapist in your area. 

How often should I get a couples massage?

The frequency of couples massages depends on your individual preferences and needs. Some couples enjoy them as an occasional treat for special occasions, while others incorporate them into their wellness routine and may schedule them weekly, monthly or quarterly.

What does a couples massage include?

A couples massage typically includes a side-by-side massage experience for two people, performed by two massage therapists in a shared room. However, it can also involve a massage one after the other with the same therapist. Each massage can be customised to your individual preferences by choosing the massage style that you prefer.

When should I get a couples massage?

Couples massages are popular for special occasions like anniversaries, birthdays, or romantic getaways, offering a shared and relaxing experience. However, you can also schedule a couples massage at any time when you and your partner want to unwind, bond, or simply enjoy some quality relaxation together.

How shall we feel after our couples massage?

A Blys couples massage can be done in whatever style you choose and this style will have an effect on how you will feel afterwards. Regardless of your massage type, a couples massage will leave you feeling happy and rejuvenated, and both parties will have a shared experience to enjoy and reflect upon.

What are the potential benefits of a couples massage?

The benefits of couples massage as a bonding experience include the promotion of feelings of closeness and intimacy. A couples massage is a fantastic way to provide muscle relief for both parties whilst also fostering good feelings through a shared activity.

Can I get a couples massage near me?

You sure can! If you’re searching for a “couples massage near me”, mobile massage therapists provided by Blys can come to your home, office or hotel. Whether you’re planning your next date night, or you’re just after a spur-of-the-moment treat for you and a loved one, qualified and professional therapists take the hassle of your next couples massage. Blys operates all around Australia, so check out which locations we serve near you.

Can I contact my massage therapist prior to my appointment?

Yes! 48 hours prior to your booking start time, you will be able to message your massage therapist using the chat function in the app. To access the chat function, open your app and head to the upcoming bookings page, select your booking and then click ‘message therapist’.

Your massage therapist will also have the ability to message you prior to your appointment to ask any questions they may have to ensure they can best prepare to achieve your desired results.

What should I do after a couples massage?

After a couples massage it’s a good idea to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and help flush out any toxins. As you’re already in your home or hotel you can also keep the relaxation going by running a bath, chilling on the couch or heading to bed for a nap.

What should I expect from a couples massage?

First things first. your massage therapist/s will ask you some questions to understand your needs and concerns and then discuss the treatment plan with you. The treatment will take place on a massage table that your therapist will bring with them and will be set up in a 2×2 metre spot in your home or hotel.

After your consultation, your massage therapist will give you a moment of privacy to hop onto the massage table underneath the towels.

During your massage, depending on your specific needs, your massage may include techniques such as long-flowing strokes, kneading, stretching and trigger point therapy. If you’d like to request modifications at any point during the treatment simply speak up and your therapist will be able to accommodate you.

After your massage, your massage therapist will chat through any recommendations they may have for ongoing treatments or other self-care practices you could benefit from.

The best part? Once your massage therapist leaves you can keep the relaxation going by taking a bath, chilling on the couch or heading to bed for a nap!

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