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Mobile Aromatherapy Massage in Toowoomba, QLD

Toowoomba’s best aromatherapy massages, delivered to your home, hotel or office. Book same-day or in advance, 7 days a week, 6am to midnight.

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4.7/5 from 1641 reviews




Aromatherapy Massage

Amazing massage.



Canning Vale

Aromatherapy Massage

Janelle was absolutely amazing and attentive. Looking forward to the next one!!




Aromatherapy Massage

Excellent massage – very relaxing



Cambridge Park

Aromatherapy Massage

Absolutely amazing ! Thankyou so much ! , husband got the deep tissue and myself the aromatherapy we both added the food reflexology, hands down the best massage we have ever had. Highly recommended Eddy !




Aromatherapy Massage

Fon was absolutely amazing, she listened to all the concerns and pains I had and she targeted all the points. Straight after the massage I feel so so much better I can’t recommend her enough thank you so much! Can’t wait to get another massage was the best I’ve had in a while




Aromatherapy Massage

Telly was excellent! She came on time and was very professional -I chose a relaxation massage and she didn’t disappoint 😍




Aromatherapy Massage

Very professional, very polite and very good massage, will definitely use Kim again, thank you


Sneha sri


Aromatherapy Massage

Hands down the best massage I have ever had!! Her experience shows in her massage skills!! Highly recommend!!




Aromatherapy Massage

Very, very good



South Windsor

Aromatherapy Massage

Omg!! Best message ever I feel so relaxed and the foot message amazing

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How it works

Step 1: Book

Step 1: Book

Select your preferred treatment, location, date and time

Step 2: Connect

Step 2: Connect

We’ll post your booking and confirm when an available provider accepts. You won’t be charged until your bookings is confirmed.


Step 3: Meet

Rejuvenate and relax while the service provider comes to you.

Mobile Massage Pricing


From $129

When you want to release tension and feel relaxed and rejuvenated in minimal time.


From $161.50

When you need a little extra me-time to soothe sore muscles and relax your mind and body.


From $184

When you want deep relaxation or have stubborn knots that need a little extra love.


From $239

The ultimate self-care session designed to leave you feeling totally brand new.

These prices include travel, a massage table, towels or sheets, oil, music and
a professional massage by a qualified and vetted massage therapist
that comes to you.


These prices are standard base rates per person and do not include the 10%
processing fee. The final price will vary depending on your preferred
location, date, time and specific requirements. View our pricing page for more details.


You won’t be charged until your booking is confirmed.

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Release knots and tension.

Relieve stress and tight muscles.

Relieve chronic pain.

Reward and re-energise your team.

Give back to yourself and your body.

Calm the mind and body.

Reduce swelling and boost immunity.

Get glammed up for your next event.

Unlock radiant, glowing skin

Why Choose Blys?



Your well-being shouldn’t have to wait. Place your booking in seconds using our free and easy-to-use app.



Enjoy professional mobile spa treatments delivered to straight to your home, hotel, or office. Available 6am to midnight, 7 days a week.



Book with confidence knowing all providers on Blys are personally vetted, highly skilled, and insured.



When you book with Blys you’re supporting independent mobile providers. Providers earn up to 75% of the booking fee.

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But don’t just take our word for it. Check out what our customers have to say:


Toowoomba, Relaxation Massage

“I had an in-home massage and it was absolutely amazing. The process was so simple to book everything in and it really made me realize that I can have a self-care routine without leaving the house.”


Toowoomba, Remedial Massage

“I downloaded the app, contacted one of the massage therapists and within an hour, I had a massage therapist at home, fully equipped with all of their equipment. It was an amazing treatment, extremely professional.”


Toowoomba, Swedish Massage

“I woke up on Sunday with a really sore neck, found Blys online and within one and a half hours had a massage therapist in my home giving me a fabulous massage.”


Toowoomba, Deep Tissue Massage

“I use Blys services quite regularly. I find all the therapists very reliable. I like the flexibility. I can have it at my hotel or home, anytime I like.”

Top Rated Aromatherapy Massage Therapists in Toowoomba

  • Kerry L.

    Kerry L.
    (2 reviews, 5 bookings)


    Corporate Massage
    Yoga & Meditation
    Pamper Packages

Recently Booked Aromatherapy Massage Therapists in Toowoomba

  • Ashlee L.

    Ashlee L.
    (35 reviews, 110 bookings)


    Yoga & Meditation
  • Tara B.

    Tara B.
    (3 reviews, 22 bookings)


    Corporate Massage
    Pamper Packages
    Private Events / Group Packages
  • Gale P.

    Gale P.
    (0 reviews, 1 bookings)


    Corporate Massage
    Yoga & Meditation
    Private Events / Group Packages
    Assisted Stretching

Rising Stars Aromatherapy Massage Therapists in Toowoomba

  • Joanne T.

    Joanne T.
    (0 reviews, 0 bookings)


    Corporate Massage

The Best Aromatherapy Massages in Toowoomba Delivered To Your Door


Benefits of an Aromatherapy Massage


  • Reduces stress
  • Enhances mood
  • Improves sleep
  • Alleviates muscle tension
  • Improves circulation


Why choose Blys for your next Aromatherapy Massage?


If you want to experience the many benefits of aromatherapy massage without leaving the house or waiting weeks for a booking at your local spa then Blys is for you! We connect you with qualified and highly skilled massage therapists who will come to you with everything they need.


With Blys you can forget the hassle of travelling to and from the spa and instead let a top-rated mobile massage therapist take care of you in the comfort of your own home or hotel, 7 days a week, between 6 am and midnight.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an aromatherapy massage?

An aromatherapy massage is a relaxing technique that involves the use of essential oils that are inhaled through the mouth and nose and absorbed through the skin. The essential oils activate a sense of calm in the mind and body helping to soothe tight muscles and reduce stress and anxiety.

What essential oils are used in an aromatherapy massage?

Some of the most common essential oils used in an aromatherapy massage are lavender, peppermint, lemongrass, orange, frankincense, rosemary and tea tree. You can find a more complete list of essential oils and their properties on the blog.

What happens during aromatherapy massage?

During an aromatherapy massage, your massage therapist will add a few drops of essential oils to your massage oil. This will disperse and allow your body to absorb it. Your massage therapist may also rub some of the essential oil on their hands and hold them over your face for a short period of time and ask you to take some deep breaths so that you can breathe in the oils.

What techniques are used in aromatherapy massage?

During an aromatherapy massage, your massage therapist will add a few drops of essential oils to your massage oil which will be dispersed over the body and absorbed through your skin. Your massage therapist may also rub some of the essential oil on their hands and hold them over your face for a short period of time so that you can breathe in the oils.

What can I expect from my aromatherapy massage?

Your therapist will always strive to make you feel as secure, safe and comfortable as possible while they are in your home. Feel free to communicate openly with them – they are a professional! You should expect your aromatherapy massage to be a pleasant, full-body experience that engages your senses. Aromatherapy is a wonderful addition to any massage and adds to the overall relaxing, restoring, energising experience.

How often should you get an aromatherapy massage?

This is completely up to you, many enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy massage weekly and monthly. 

How does aromatherapy relieve stress?

The essential oils used in aromatherapy massage trigger messages to your brain’s limbic system, which controls your emotions, to help with calm and clarity. That’s why aromatherapy is commonly used to treat a number of mental and physical conditions such as stress and anxiety, headaches and digestive issues.

What is the difference between a regular massage and an aromatherapy massage?

The key difference between a regular massage and an aromatherapy massage lies in the use of essential oils. In an aromatherapy massage, essential oils are added to the massage oil or lotion and applied to the skin, enhancing the massage experience with the therapeutic benefits of the oils, such as relaxation, stress reduction, or relief from specific ailments, while a regular massage typically uses only the manipulation of soft tissues to promote relaxation and alleviate muscle tension.

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