NDIS Mobile Podiatry Services

Book podiatry services using your NDIS fund with Blys. We connect qualified, professional podiatrists with NDIS participants all over Australia.

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How NDIS participants use Blys

With Blys you are in complete control when it comes to getting the wellbeing support you need. From the date, time and location of your booking, the treatment you’re after and the provider who visits, you decide. 

A seamless solution to your self-care needs

How Blys works with self-managed NDIS participants

If the NDIA has approved individual support funding for massage therapy or physiotherapy or podiatry in your capacity-building budget, you can instantly start building your well-being support team with Blys.

Providers on Blys have experience working with clients with disability across all care needs.

Step 1: Complete an enquiry form

Take 30 seconds to tell us about your needs and the services you’re interested in and our support team will be in touch with a quote within 24 hours.

Step 2: Book support on Blys

We will contact you to confirm the service required, the booking frequency, pricing, time and location. We will then post your booking to our network of providers and connect you with someone who is a great match for your needs. 

Step 3: Review your provider

Once your booking is accepted you can review your provider's bio, ratings and qualifications. If you need additional compliance information just let us know!

Step 4: Meet your provider

Your wellness provider will travel straight to you and bring all necessary equipment.

How you can pay as an NDIS Participant

Paying Privately

Book and pay for mobile massage, podiatry, physio or personal care therapists as you need.


If you self-manage your NDIS funding and know that massage therapy, podiatry or physiotherapy is covered under your plan. Simply fill out an enquiry form and an account coordinator will be in touch with a quote.

Plan or Agency Managed

If an NDIS Support Coordinator helps you to manage your care services, simply complete an enquiry form and add your coordinator's contact details in the ‘additional details’ field and we will contact you both to share a quote.

NDIS Support Coordinators

Coordinate your client's massage therapy, podiatry or physiotherapy bookings in one easy-to-use platform and with support from a dedicated account coordinator. Enquire below and we'll connect you with a dedicated account coordinator. 

Why Choose Blys For Your NDIS Funded Podiatry Service?

When you choose Blys for an NDIS podiatrist, you are in complete control of everything. From the booking to the treatment, provider, and location, you decide what is most convenient for you.

The best part?

We bring a highly skilled and experienced podiatrist to your front door. Bookings through our user-friendly app are a breeze. Our carefully selected and qualified therapists customize their services to meet your specific needs and physical goals, be it pain relief, improved mobility, or muscle relaxation.

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Our customers love Blys

Australia's #1 Rated Platform For NDIS Podiatry


4.7/5 from 1646 reviews




Swedish Relaxation Massage

The best massage I’ve had! Warren is so kind knowledgeable and professional. I highly recommend him and will definitely be booking him again!



Surfers Paradise

Swedish Relaxation Massage

Fabulous , perfectly relaxing and beautiful massage



Mount Pleasant

Gel Pedicure

Professional, friendly and always a beautiful result




Aromatherapy Massage

Fantastic highly recommended



West Pennant Hills

Remedial Deep Tissue Massage

Stephen is very experienced and works with great skill. He understands how to help with the immediate problem and also what secondary problems may have developed. He is very skilful in how he helps.



Queens Park

Hot Stone Massage

Great massage, Actually partially went to sleep it was so relaxing Prompt with time




Remedial Deep Tissue Massage

My partner and I both had a massage and boy was i happy I got Danny. Danny was the most proffessional attentive and amazing practitioner. Legitimately fixed my shoulders and neck. Also his massage table was heated so no freezing moments was a bonus! You are so fab! Will rebook wity Danny for sure (hopefully without that other weird practitioner talking the whole time!)



East Perth

Remedial Deep Tissue Massage

Fantastic! Perfect pressure. Highly recommend




Remedial Deep Tissue Massage

Amazing massage. Thank you for sorting out all the knots and tight muscles.




Remedial Deep Tissue Massage

Exceptional. One of the best massages we’ve ever had and also very clean and professional. Highly recommended!

How To Access Massage And Wellness Services Through Your NDIS Fund

The way you access podiatry services through your NDIS fund depends on how your fund is managed:

  • Self-managed NDIS participants who have podiatry covered under their capacity-building budget can directly book and pay for their treatment and then seek reimbursement from their fund using the payment receipt.
  • Plan-managed NDIS participants need to consult with their plan managers and determine whether podiatry treatments are covered under their funding. Blys can also call plan managers on behalf of clients to determine this and manage the booking and payment.
  • NDIA-managed participants must work with registered NDIA providers. We recommend speaking with the NDIA to determine whether your funding covers the service you are after.

The best way to determine if your NDIS funding covers podiatry and other wellness services is to chat with your fund manager to see what is and is not covered.

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ndis podiatry how it works

Initial Consultation & Treatment – In-Person

An in-person 60-minute initial consultation and treatment with a qualified podiatrist.

From $189

Follow Up Consultation & Treatment – In-Person

An in-person 45-minute follow-up consultation and treatment with a qualified podiatrist.

From $159


Frequently Asked Questions

Does the NDIS cover podiatry?

The NDIS may provide podiatry and foot care supports if they relate to your disability and help you undertake activities of daily living. For more information, visit the NDIS website.

What can a podiatrist do for someone with a disability?

A podiatrist can provide an assessment and podiatry care plan. This includes providing foot care supports to help manage conditions that affect your feet, ankles and legs.

Can self-managed NDIS participants choose any podiatrist?

Self-managed NDIS participants must follow the self-management policy guidelines when choosing a podiatrist. 

What is the role of podiatry in the NDIS?

Podiatry supports from the NDIS might include specialised shoes or funding to treat your foot problems. Podiatry and foot care are especially important if you have a disability that affects the sensation in your feet.

What is an NDIS podiatrist?

An NDIS podiatrist is a registered provider under the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

How does mobile NDIS podiatry work?

Mobile NDIS podiatry is when a provider visits you at your home to provide podiatry supports and foot care.

We’re here to help you meet your mobility and life goals

Easily connect with qualified and trusted mobile massage therapists, physiotherapists and beauty therapists through Blys.

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