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How Geriatric Clients Use Blys

Geriatric Therapists on Blys have extensive experience working with elderly clients with diverse care needs. Our services cater to individuals in independent living, assisted living, and residential care, including those requiring high levels of care and those who are immobile.

Getting the support you need is simple with Blys

How Blys Works

Step 1: Complete an enquiry form

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Take 30 seconds to complete an enquiry form telling us about your needs and our support team will be in touch with a quote within 24 hours.

Step 2: Book your care therapist

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Blys will contact you to confirm the service, pricing, location and booking frequency before connecting you with a therapist that matches your care requirements.

Step 3: Meet your care therapist

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Your wellness therapist will travel to you or your client with all equipment provided.

You won't be charged until your booking is confirmed. View our cancellation policy here.

How You Can Pay for Geriatric Services with Blys

Paying Privately

Book and pay for mobile massage, physio or personal care therapists as you need.


If you self-manage your Home-Care Package or Aged-Care Package and know that mobility or personal grooming services are covered under your plan. Simply fill out an enquiry form and an account coordinator will be in touch with a quote.


If an Aged-Care Plan Manager helps you to manage your care services, simply complete an enquiry form with your Plan Managers contact details in the ‘additional details’ field and we will contact you both to share a quote.

Aged-Care Plan Managers

Coordinate your clients massage, physio or beauty bookings in one easy to use platform and with support from a dedicated account coordinator. 

Residential Aged-Care Facility Managers

Connect your residents with qualified, insured and trusted wellness providers. Facilitate care for individuals or book group wellness sessions with Blys.

A trusted network of qualified therapists you can rely on

The Blys difference

Since launching in 2016, we’ve helped thousands of Australians keep independent and well by connecting them with home-care wellness therapists they can trust and rely on to get the support they need.


Trusted and caring therapists:

All therapists on Blys are verified to ensure they have valid public liability insurance and police checks, relevant qualifications, and COVID-19 vaccination certificates. All therapists use professional-grade equipment and follow strict hygiene practices. If you require additional compliance information simply let us know and we’ll find you an appropriate therapist.

A seamless platform and pricing that works:

Affordable, competitive pricing to ensure you get the most out of your support funding, and an easy-to-use online dashboard to manage your bookings and payments in one place. Option to add friends or family as account contacts and emergency contacts

Dedicated customer support:

We connect you with a dedicated account coordinator who will work with you to find a suitable therapist, place your booking and manage your recurring treatments. Our incident response team is always ready to work with you to provide timely support and resolve incidents as quickly as possible.
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4.7/5 from 1646 reviews




Remedial Deep Tissue Massage

Fantastic massage and great service. Emi has an extensive range of knowledge and experience which reflects in her treatment. Highly recommended.




Remedial Deep Tissue Massage

This massage was for mum, Thi, was amazing. Respectful, gentle and the my mum rang me this morning saying how good it was. Thank Thi.




Remedial Deep Tissue Massage

Stella was very knowledgeable and knew exactly what type of therapy was needed. She explained what she was doing and always asked if the pressure was ok. Highly recommend!!




Remedial Deep Tissue Massage

Risa's remedial massage was absolutely fantastic! Her experience shone through in every aspect of the session. Not only did she possess great strength, but her calming demeanor added an extra layer of relaxation to the experience. I highly recommend Risa for anyone in need of a skilled and soothing massage therapist. Will definitely be booking with her again.



Altona North

Remedial Deep Tissue Massage

Eva is kind, gentle and very effective. I love my appointments with her!



Mount Waverley

Remedial Deep Tissue Massage

Wow, what an amazing massage. Madhuri is a beautiful person who really goes the extra mile with her treatments to make sure you have a wonderful experience. I loved the head massage too - absolutely out of this world. Highly recommend if you are looking for a massage therapist who cares about your experience and is amazing at what they do.




Remedial Deep Tissue Massage

Excellent masseuse, great strength for strong pressure. Knowledgeable with physiology and a pleasant demeanour. I'll definitely book her again.



North Adelaide

Remedial Deep Tissue Massage

Absolutely excellent!!!!!!! Very skilled!!!!!




Remedial Deep Tissue Massage

Great session as always. Thanks Danny




Remedial Deep Tissue Massage

Very efficient at what he does ,I highly recommend him.

Mobile Geriatric Massage Therapists You Can Trust

Meet some of our top-rated therapists, experienced in providing exceptional care for elderly clients.


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Mobile Geriatric Massage Pricing


From $129

When you want to release tension and feel relaxed and rejuvenated in minimal time.

Book 60min


From $161.50

When you need a little extra me-time to soothe sore muscles and relax your mind and body.

Book 75min


From $184

When you want deep relaxation or have stubborn knots that need a little extra love.

Book 90min


From $239

The ultimate self-care session designed to leave you feeling totally brand new.

Book 120min

These prices include travel, a massage table, towels or sheets, oil, music, and a professional massage by a qualified and vetted massage therapist who comes to you. These prices are standard base rates per person and do not include the 10% processing fee. The final price will vary depending on your preferred location, date, time, and specific requirements. View our pricing page for more details.

You won't be charged until your booking is confirmed.

Benefits of Massage Therapy for Elderly

Geriatric massage therapy has proven benefits for physical and mental health, regardless of age. As we move through the different stages of life, it can become even more important to maintain our mobility, independence, and overall health.

Mobile geriatric massage therapy can help elderly clients in a number of ways, including:

  • Creating a sense of calm: Convenient in-home massage therapy creates the perfect relaxing environment, allowing clients to completely unwind in a familiar and comfortable space.
  • Reducing muscle pain: A core benefit of massage therapy is its ability to relieve tension and discomfort. A trained massage therapist can use techniques to soften muscles and encourage the body to enter a state of relaxation.
  • Improving circulation: Massage therapy helps promote blood flow through the body and lymph nodes. Improved blood flow can help the body repair damaged and tense muscles. This is particularly important as you age, as a common part of aging is a slowdown in circulation.
  • Supporting mental health: Did you know that a massage treatment releases endorphins into your bloodstream? These 'feel-good' hormones can help lift your mood. Also, a visit from a friendly, qualified massage therapist can offer a powerful sense of connection to brighten your day or week and maintain social connectedness.
  • Heal soft tissue injuries: The process of recovering from a soft tissue injury can take longer as the body ages. Massage therapy and gentle stretching can help ease pain and relieve muscle tension and soreness, allowing the body to heal faster.
  • Support sleep: Sometimes, the key to a good night's sleep is a comfortable body and mind. An in-home massage can help you get to sleep quicker and enjoy a better quality of sleep. 

Find out more about the benefits of massage therapy for seniors.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is geriatric massage?

Geriatric massage is a massage treatment tailored to the specific needs of an elderly client.

At Blys, our skilled massage therapists always perform geriatric massage treatments in a safe and gentle manner. They ensure that any areas of concern are addressed, whether that’s improving mobility and flexibility, reducing pain or stiffness, improving circulation, or promoting relaxation to boost mental well-being.

What should I look for in a geriatric massage therapist?

When it comes to geriatric massage, you should look for a skilled and compassionate therapist who is knowledgeable about pressure, ailments, palliative care, and tailoring the massage for each client. Every Blys therapist is professionally trained and qualified in massage, with some specialising in geriatric massage. 

Who should not get a geriatric massage?

While geriatric massage is designed for the elderly, please consult your healthcare practitioner before engaging in physical therapy. In particular, if you are experiencing chronic pain, a terminal illness, cancer, or are in palliative care, please consult your healthcare professional to ensure that this treatment is safe and appropriate. Blys wishes to support every client around Australia to the best of our ability without compromising health.

Why is mobile massage the best for the elderly?

Mobile massage services are especially valuable to the elderly. Blys mobile massage therapists bring their own equipment to your home or room, and services can be booked online or via the app with minimal effort. There is no need to leave home, travel, find parking spots, and wait in a queue – everything comes right to you. We prioritise flexibility, convenience, and practicality to maximise healing time and minimise everything else.

What are the different geriatric massage techniques?

The specific techniques used in an aged-care massage will depend on the client’s individual needs. The massage often combines relaxation and remedial therapies, focusing on light, gentle touch and passive stretching to ease muscle tension without excessive friction on the skin. 

The following massage services are popular with our elderly clients:

  1. Swedish massage is a gentle massage that involves long strokes, kneading, and circular movements. It promotes relaxation and improves circulation.
  2. Remedial deep tissue is a targeted massage therapy that can relieve chronic pain and improve mobility.
  3. Chair massage is a seated massage experienced in a portable ergonomic chair and focuses on the neck, shoulders, back, arms and hands. It is an excellent option for elderly clients who may have difficulty getting onto a massage table.

Who would benefit from a geriatric massage?

Geriatric massage offers a range of physical and mental health benefits, making it a good treatment for all elderly clients looking to improve their quality of life.

Clients with conditions such as arthritis, chronic pain, weak joints, muscle tightening, atrophy, decreased mobility, loss of circulation and compromised balance can benefit from a geriatric massage. Massage can also help combat feelings of anxiety, depression, stress and loneliness, by providing a personal, relaxing and compassionate experience.

Why choose geriatric massage therapy?

As we age, our bodies naturally change. While this experience is unique to each individual, we can experience issues with our joints and muscles, develop conditions that were once foreign concepts, and perhaps lose the ability to move like we once could. Massage therapy can assist in all these areas by providing a holistic physical treatment that also soothes the mind.

How does geriatric massage improve mental health?

Geriatric massage can improve mental health in multiple ways. Exercise is excellent for mental health but can become challenging as we age. Massage can give elderly patients the mobility and flexibility to be more active, which has an almost instant effect on their mental health. It may also reduce pain and stress, which can be massive contributors to mental health issues.

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