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Event Massage in Sydney, NSW

Elevate your next special event in Sydney with mobile massage services from Blys. Professional and qualified massage therapists will come to you with everything they need and provide a tailored massage experience to meet your specific needs.

From corporate and sporting events to promotional and personal events, whatever the occasion, Blys has got you covered.

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The seamless stress-free solution

Why Choose Blys For Event Massage Services?


Experienced and professional providers

Book with confidence knowing all providers on the Blys platform are personally vetted, highly skilled, insured and have an average rating of 4.93 out of 5 based on 37,000 customer ratings and reviews. All providers use professional-grade equipment and bring everything they need to deliver an exceptional self-care treatment for your guests.


Customised solutions perfect for your unique event

We understand that every event has unique needs and goals and that’s why we offer a personalised approach to creating a tailored self-care experience that suits your event size, location, and budget. Plus, with Blys you can book self-care experiences for your events 7 days a week from 6am to midnight and we’re also able to cater for last minute requests!


A seamless platform and dedicated account manager from start to finish

Once you submit your brief you’ll be allocated a dedicated account manager who will find and brief professionals for your event. Through our easy to use platform, available on desktop and a convenient mobile app, you’ll be able to access all of your booking details and make changes easily.


White-labelled services

Use our network of 1000’s of providers to find professionals who can act as brand ambassadors at your event. You can opt for providers to wear your branded merchandise, use your products and equipment and also brief them on your key USP’s to help sell your brand and products to your guests.


Flexible To Your Needs

We offer event massage services 7 days a week from 6 am to midnight. Whether you need to book same-day or in advance, we’re here to help!


Available Australia Wide

Blys operates nationwide so no matter where your event is held or if it’s held in multiple locations, we’ve got you covered. Some of our most popular locations include Sydney, Adelaide, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Canberra, and Hobart.

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Types Of Events We Cater For

Marketing & PR Activations

Create positive brand sentiment with your clients target audience or media with a unique experience that will draw a crowd and keep guests highly engaged.

Sporting Pre & Post Event

Help athletes and fitness enthusiasts perform at their best and recover effectively with pre and post event massage treatments.

Charities & Sponsored Events

Make a positive impact while treating your guests to a massage or beauty treatment that is sure to leave them feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

Festivals & Music Venues

Offer your attendees a chance to unwind and recharge amongst the fun with a massage, beauty or wellness treatment.

In-Store Activations

Attract customers and leave a lasting impression with luxury self-care treatments perfect for any type of space.

Filming & Photoshoots

Easily find experienced massage, beauty or wellness professionals for a photoshoot or video with our database of over 1,500 providers across Australia.

White-Labelled Events

Opt for providers to wear your branded merchandise, use your products and equipment and also brief them on your key USP’s to help sell your brand and products to your guests.

Conferences & Expos

Enhance your conference or expo with a massage, beauty or wellness treatment perfect for breaking up your event and offering guests a moment of rest and relaxation.

Workplace Events

Boost employee morale and productivity with massage, beauty or wellness treatments that offer instant stress relief and relaxation.

Aged Care Residential Facilities

Improve physical and mental health with professional massage, physiotherapy and grooming services tailored to seniors living in residential aged care facilities, or nursing homes.

Private Group Events

Nail your next get-together or special event with self-care treatments perfect for birthdays, baby showers, weddings, hens parties and more.

Massage Services For Corporate And Private Events

desk massage

Desk Massage

Desk massages are a great option for offices short on space because as the name suggests, they’re given while seated at your desk. A desk massage is done through clothing, without oil and focuses on the individual’s neck, shoulders and head.

chair massage

Chair Massage

A chair massage also known as a seated massage is a massage treatment provided to guests using a special ergonomic massage chair. A chair massage is done through clothing, without oil and focuses on the individuals neck shoulders and head.

table massage

Table Massage

Just like in a spa, your guests can enjoy a table massage at your special event! Massage therapists will bring everything with them including a massage table, towels, oil and music.

A seamless solution to planning a memorable event

How Blys Works With Events

Access Australia’s largest network of independent massage, beauty and wellness providers ready to book for your corporate event in one easy-to-use platform.

Step 1: Get a free quote

Take 30 seconds to tell us about your event including the number of guests, the services you’re interested in and your estimated budget. An Account Coordinator will be in touch with a quote within 24 hours.

Step 2: In the lead up

If you’re happy with the quote we’ll publish your booking on the platform and find and brief the providers suitable for your event. Payment is only processed once your booking is confirmed.

Step 3: On the day

Your mobile providers will travel to your event with plenty of time to set up and will bring their professional-grade equipment with them. All you have to do is get ready to enjoy your event!

Mobile Event Massage in Sydney in Action

Aged-Care Providers block

Tony & Ryan Podcast

Youtube live stream | Team Massage

Company retreat | Chair massage

Wine Island

Wine Island

Festival | Chair massage

Office open day | Chair massage

VIP area of sporting event | Roving massage

In-office wellness day | Chair massage

Office open day | Chair massage

Open day | Chair massage

In-office wellness day | Chair massage

Company retreat | Yoga

Our Customers Love Blys

#1 Rated Mobile Corporate Massage, Beauty & Wellness Services In Australia


4.7/5 from 1641 reviews


Commonwealth Bank of Australia


Event Massage

Just wanted to say how amazing the massages were today! The Team absolutely loved it, and we will be booking you again in the future.



Event Massage

WOW! What an experience. We are so happy with your service and the professionalism of the Ingrid and Gustav. Everyone was so happy with their massages today, and the only complaint was that I should have booked the therapists for longer. We can’t wait to use Blys again and I personally can’t wait to get a therapist to come to my home in the near future. We give you a 5 star review for customer service, from booking to massage.

Haven The Agency


Event Massage

The conference went extremely well and the massages were a hit! We will be rebooking for next year.



Event Massage

Working with Blys truly was a Bliss! Everyone was friendly, knowledgeable and always willing to help. The event was seamless, and our members loved every moment of it. The spot of relaxation we all needed in our day!

Tennis Australia


Event Massage

Thank you Blys for your involvement at our 5th Annual Health & Wellbeing Day. They were extremely professional and there has been nothing but praise from our team on the massages provided. It created an extremely relaxing environment for our staff and also helped those who had just worked hard in our Boxing or PT sessions who needed to relax their sore muscles.



Event Massage

The event was a huge success and we had a lot of positive feedback from our tenants about the massages!

Belle Property


Corporate Massage

The whole team is now relaxed and refreshed! Thank you!

Connect Entertainment Pty Ltd


Event Massage

The therapists were great and very popular….they were a great addition to the event. They were busy all night! Thanks for arranging at such short notice.

Hill Song Church


Event Massage

We really loved having Zoe, Louise and Christine. They’re great therapists and very friendly too. Will definitely book again for our next event.

Popular Services You Can Add To Your Event

corporate event massage

Event Massage

Treat your guests to a head, neck and shoulder chair massage or a full body table massage that will leave them feeling energised and refreshed. Qualified massage therapists will provide a massage chair, towels, hygienic wipes and products.

nail bar

Nail Bars

A manicure or pedicure station is the perfect way to pamper your guests. Tailored to men and women you can choose to offer guests classic manicures, acrylic, shellac or a simple nail tidy-up and hand or foot massage.



Leave your guests glowing after receiving a customised facial tailored to their skin. Perfect for PR and beauty brands looking for white-labelled services or event planners wanting an unforgettable self-care experience.

hair blow bar

Hair Blow Bars

Host a hair salon experience on-site with professional mobile hairstylists ready to deliver curls, waves, up-dos and sleek and straight locks for your guests.

Makeup Bar

Makeup Bar

Whether it’s getting everyone glam before the big event, for a photoshoot or at the main event itself, help your guests feel confident with a team of professional mobile makeup artists ready to offer natural, glam and party-ready styles. 

Hair and Makeup

Hair & Makeup Bars

Empower your guests to feel their best with a professional hair & makeup bar! Your top-rated mobile hair & makeup artists will arrive with professional products, equipment and tools ready to deliver the looks you or your guests are after.

Lashes and Brows

Lashes & Brows

If you’re hosting a beauty event or want a unique event activation idea, book an experienced lash and brow artist to provide brow shaping services and lash tints, lifts or extensions for your guests.

spray tan

Spray Tan Parties

Getting your group ready for a photoshoot, gala or summer boat party? Skip the UVs and get a flawless, long-lasting glow with a spray tan party. Your artist will bring a tent for privacy and a mess-free experience. 


Barber Services

Self-care isn’t just about massages and manicures. Create a fun, personalised grooming experience with professional barbers offering beard and moustache shaping, tidying and trimming for the ultimate men’s event activation.


Group Yoga

Get your guests moving with an on-site event yoga class. Experienced yoga instructors will tailor sessions to suit all abilities and create a fun, energising class everyone will enjoy.


Guided Meditation

Calm the body and bring focus to the mind with a group-guided meditation. Meditation is a great tool for re-charging and releasing tension making it a perfect addition to a full-day conference or workplace event where guests might be sitting and listening to presentations for prolonged periods.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is event massage?

Event massage is a professional massage service that is provided at corporate or private events. Event massage through Blys in Sydney is provided by qualified and experienced massage therapists who bring everything they need to help guests unwind and relax.

How long do massages usually last at events?

The length of massages at an event can vary depending on the type of event, the number of guests and the preferences of the host. Generally, event massages can range from 10 minutes to 60 minutes per person. However, at Blys, we can tailor our event massage services to meet your specific needs and requirements.

What are the benefits of event massage?

Event massage offers relaxation, stress relief, improved mood, increased productivity, and creates a memorable experience for guests, making it a valuable addition to any corporate or private event.

Are event massages safe?

Yes, event massages are safe when provided by qualified and experienced massage therapists. Massage therapists on the Blys platform are fully qualified, insured and experienced, ensuring that your event massages are safe and enjoyable for all guests.

What is pre and post event massage?

Pre and post-event massage is a specialized type of therapy aimed at assisting athletes and fitness enthusiasts in preparing for and recovering from physical activities. Pre-event massage focuses on warming up muscles, improving circulation, and enhancing flexibility, while post-event massage promotes muscle recovery, reduces soreness, and helps prevent injuries, both aiming to optimise athletic performance.

How long is pre event massage?

The length of pre-event massage can vary, typically ranging from 10-30 minutes, depending on the athlete’s needs, event type, and host preferences. At Blys, we offer tailored pre-event massage services to suit your specific needs and can help you create a unique experience perfect for your event.

What are the benefits of pre event massage?

Pre-event massage provides various benefits, including improved athletic performance through increased blood flow and muscle flexibility, reduced risk of injury by warming up muscles, enhanced range of motion and mental focus, and faster recovery by reducing muscle soreness and stiffness. It effectively prepares individuals for physical activity, optimizing performance, and promoting a quicker recovery process.

What are the benefits of chair massage at corporate events?

Chair massage at corporate events offers various benefits, including stress reduction and boosted morale, relief from muscle tension, improved circulation, increased energy and focus, and demonstrates company appreciation, fostering a positive work culture. These benefits contribute to enhanced employee health, productivity, satisfaction, and retention–so it’s a no brainer really!

How can mobile massage services enhance my event?

Mobile massage services can enhance your event in several ways:

  • Relaxation and Stress Relief: Offering mobile massage services at your event can provide a relaxing and stress-free environment for your guests, making them feel more comfortable and at ease.
  • Unique Experience: Mobile massage services can provide a unique experience for your guests, making your event stand out from the crowd and creating a memorable experience for attendees.
  • Increased Engagement: Mobile massage services can encourage guests to stay longer at your event, as they are provided with a relaxing and enjoyable activity to participate in.
  • Health and Wellness Focus: Mobile massage services can demonstrate a focus on health and wellness at your event, which can be attractive to attendees who prioritize these values.
  • Positive Association: By providing mobile massage services at your event, guests are more likely to associate positive feelings with your brand or event, creating a lasting impression.

Overall, mobile massage services can enhance your event by providing a unique and relaxing experience for guests, promoting health and wellness, and creating a positive association with your brand or event.

How do event massage services benefit corporate office employees?

Event massage services offer several benefits to corporate office employees, including stress reduction by providing a relaxing break from work pressure, improved physical health by alleviating symptoms such as pain and poor posture, boosted morale and productivity by demonstrating employer commitment to employee well-being, and improved mental health through reduced anxiety and enhanced mood. These benefits contribute to employee well-being, satisfaction, and overall work performance so it’s a win-win!

What is the process for booking event massage services for a corporate office event?

Through Blys it’s super easy, simply fill out our free quote form and we’ll be in contact to help you organise massages for your event.

How do event massage services compare to other wellness activities in terms of their impact on employee well-being and satisfaction?

Event massage services can effectively improve employee well-being and satisfaction as it offers immediate stress relief and relaxation. Plus it has so many benefits including reducing stress levels, relieving muscle tension, improving circulation, and promoting overall feelings of well-being and relaxation.

Ready To Book An Event Massage?