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mobile facials and beauty at home melbourne

Rejuvenating Facial

A deeply hydrating facial treatment that focuses on relaxation & restoration.

Certified & trusted practitioners, all screened in advance
mobile facials and beauty at home melbourne

The Rejuvenating Facial is our signature facial service. Designed to relax and hydrate the skin, the Rejuvenating Facial uses products that target dryness, irritation and discolouration to improve the skin’s overall appearance and texture.

Exposure to UV rays, poor quality air, our environment and what we consume all plays a key role in the health of our skin. It’s important to remember that our skin is an organ, and the largest one at that, so we need to look after it. A good diet, regular exercise and enough water is important to our skin’s health, but sometimes you just need an extra boost. The Rejuvenating Facial penetrates and hydrates the epidermis for a flawless complexion.

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