Online Full Body Workout Training

Reward & challenge yourself with a personal full body workout, designed by professional trainers.

Digital wellness solutions tailor-made by industry professionals

A personal training session that covers the whole body. Alternate between exercises that aim to build strength with those that improve flexibility or burn fat. The perfect versatile session that covers all the bases. Session includes a brief consultation to get to know your experience and goals, before constructing a workout plan to get start reaching them. Equipment such as weights are suggested, but not essential. Be resourceful and see what household items could help you out. Tailored workouts by qualified professionals that focus on your individual aspiration in one-on-one digital sessions.


From $75

Brief & balanced full-body workout to keep you covered from head to toe.


From $139

A gym-style full body workout to maintain the muscles & satisfy the mind.

Price includes online one-on-one guided session with your personal instructor. Tailored for you, your experience, and your goals.