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NDIS Physiotherapy Near You

NDIS & Disability Support

Mobile NDIS Physiotherapy in Cameron park, NSW

Connect with Cameron park’s largest network of independent, qualified NDIS physiotherapists experienced in at-home disability support. Whether you’re a self-managed NDIS participant, paying privately or booking on behalf of a family member, getting the support you need has never been easier.

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How NDIS Participants Use Blys

With Blys you are in complete control when it comes to getting the wellbeing support you need. From the date, time and location of your booking, the treatment you’re after and the provider who visits, you decide.

Tailored to your needs and physical goals an NDIS massage will target specific areas to help ease pain, improve mobility and flexibility and relax muscles.

Personalised physiotherapy services to support mobility, movement and function, treat and minimise pain and help you achieve your daily goals.

Gentle and personalised assisted stretching to help alleviate tension and improve range of motion.

Personal grooming services such as hair and nail care are available to book through Blys, however, these might not be covered by your NDIS funding. Always check with your Plan Manager before booking or you can always pay privately for these services.

A seamless solution to your self-care needs

How Blys Works with NDIS Participants

If the NDIA has approved individual support funding for massage therapy or physiotherapy in your capacity-building budget you can instantly start building your wellbeing support team with Blys. Providers on Blys have experience working with aged-care clients across all care needs from independent living through to residential aged care, including high-care and immobile clients.


Step 1: Complete enquiry form

Take 30 seconds to tell us about your needs and the services you’re interested in and our support team will be in touch with a quote within 24 hours.

Step 2: Book support on Blys

We will contact you or your Support Coordinator to confirm the booking details. We will then post your booking to our network of providers and connect you with someone who is a great match for your needs.

review your provider

Step 3: Review your provider

Once your booking is accepted you can review your provider’s bio, ratings and qualifications. If you need your provider to supply additional compliance information just let us know!

Meet your provider

Step 4: Meet your provider

Your wellness provider will travel to you and bring their professional grade equipment with them. No preperation required.

How You Can Pay As An NDIS Participant

  • Pay Privately
  • Self-Managed
  • Plan-Managed
  • NDIS Support Coordinators
  • Book and pay for mobile massage, physio or personal care therapists as you need.

    If you self-manage your NDIS funding and know that massage therapy or physiotherapy is covered under your plan. Simply fill out an enquiry form and an account coordinator will be in touch with a quote.

    If an NDIS Support Coordinator helps you to manage your care services, simply complete an enquiry form and add your coordinator’s contact details in the ‘additional details’ field and we will contact you both to share a quote.

    Coordinate your client’s massage therapy or physiotherapy bookings in one easy-to-use platform and with support from a dedicated account coordinator. Enquire below and we’ll connect you with a dedicated account coordinator.

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    Why choose Blys for NDIS Physiotherapy?

    NDIS physiotherapy addresses individuals covered under the National Disability Insurance Scheme focusing on improving mobility, managing pain and promoting overall well-being. At Blys, we stand as the leading choice for first-class NDIS physiotherapy services.


    Professional physiotherapists on the Blys platform specialise in providing customised care and careful assessments. Keeping convenience in mind, we ensure easy access to massage and wellness services by connecting you with physiotherapists who come to your home, hotel or workplace.


    From the moment of booking to receiving quality care, we are dedicated to streamlining a smooth journey for NDIS participants. Discover personalised care and simplicity with Blys for your NDIS physiotherapy requirements.

    Our customers love Blys

    Cameron park’s #1 Rated Platform For NDIS Physiotherapy


    4.7/5 from 1646 reviews




    Follow Up Consultation & Treatment – In-Person

    So very professional, caring listen as l have multiple health issues.. making a plan to move forward is great.



    Swan View

    Initial Consultation & Treatment – In-Person

    Best Physio I have ever seen.




    Follow Up Consultation & Treatment – In-Person

    Really knowledgeable and thorough. Was also very friendly and feel great after the treatment, would highly recommend seeing him




    Follow Up Consultation & Treatment – In-Person

    Jeanette completely understand where my pain was and gave great feedback on how to manage highly recommend Jeanette. I feel much better.





    Very qualified and excellent physiotherapist. Easy to talk to & keen to help people 🙂



    Bass Hill

    Swedish Relaxation Massage

    Best massage ever he is very professional thank you




    Lash Extensions – Hybrid – Full Set

    Excellent work. Really friendly and professional. Recommended to everyone




    Remedial Deep Tissue Massage

    Would definitely use Risa again. Very professional and relaxing treatment




    Swedish Relaxation Massage

    Incredibly relaxing massage




    Remedial Deep Tissue Massage

    Thank you so much!

    How To Access Physiotherapy Services Through Your NDIS Fund?

    Your access to massage and wellness services through your NDIS fund depends on how your fund is managed:


    • Self-managed NDIS participants eligible for physiotherapy or wellness services within their capacity-building budget can directly book and pay for their massage and then seek reimbursement from their fund by using the payment receipt.


    • Plan-managed NDIS participants need to consult with their plan managers to verify whether the physiotherapy services are covered under their NDIS funding. Blys can also call plan managers on behalf of clients to determine this and manage the booking and payment.


    • NDIA-managed participants are required to engage with registered NDIA  providers. We suggest reaching out to the NDIA directly to verify if the service you’re after is covered by your funding.


    The best way to find out if physiotherapy or other wellness services are covered by your NDIS funding is to chat with your fund manager to double-check what is and isn’t covered.

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    Mobile NDIS Physiotherapists In Cameron park

    Meet some of the top-rated therapists experienced in working with NDIS clients.

    Rated: 5 Stars

    Expert in: Physiotherapy, Massage, Acupuncture and Meditation

    Rated: 5 Stars

    Expert in: Physiotherapy, Massage, Acupuncture, Yoga and Meditation

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Does NDIS cover physiotherapy?

    Yes, NDIS covers the cost of NDIS physiotherapy sessions for individuals who are eligible for NDIS funding.

    What is the role of physiotherapy in NDIS?

    Physiotherapy in NDIS involves the services of a qualified NDIS physiotherapist to improve the participants’ mobility, physical capabilities, and overall well-being.

    The objective of NDIS physiotherapy is to optimise functional abilities through customised physiotherapy procedures under NDIS-approved plans.

    What does a physiotherapist do in disability?

    NDIS physiotherapy providers are crucial in providing customized services to individuals under the NDIS scheme. An NDIS physiotherapist focuses on enhancing the participants’ mobility, mitigating pain, and preventing injuries through careful assessments.

    By closely collaborating with the participant, the physiotherapist addresses mobility issues and gives guidance on managing daily activities effectively and maintaining a quality life.

    How does a physiotherapist help someone with mobility problems?

    An NDIS physiotherapist assesses the participant’s mobility issues and makes treatment plans according to their needs. These plans often include but are not limited to a mixture of stretching routines and exercises to improve muscle strength and joint flexibility.

    Which Line Item Number the funding should be taken out from?

    Your plan manager will need to provide us with the line item number in order to use the service. Link here.

    What is an NDIS physiotherapist?

    NDIS physiotherapists are experts who offer customised care under the National Disability Insurance Scheme. They provide specialised physiotherapy to individuals with disabilities which addresses their unique mobility issues. Physiotherapists offer assessments, exercise schedules and programs to enrich the quality of life through therapeutic techniques.

    How does mobile NDIS physiotherapy work?

    Mobile NDIS physiotherapy works by bringing a qualified physiotherapist directly to the participant’s location.

    In the session, the physiotherapist focuses on enhancing the participants’ mobility, mitigating pain, and preventing injuries through careful assessments. Receiving therapy in surroundings in which the participant is familiar makes the NDIS mobile physiotherapy an easy option.

    When can I book a NDIS physiotherapy service in Cameron park?

    You can book physiotherapy 7 days a week from 6 am to 11 pm, including public holidays. These hours refer to the first and last available appointment start times.

    Can I use my NDIS funding or home care package to book through Blys in Cameron park?

    If you’re a self-managed NDIS participant looking to use your NDIS funding on mobile physiotherapy, it is important to always check with your Plan Manager whether these services are covered under your NDIS fund and capacity building budget. If one or both of these services are covered, simply complete an enquiry form today and one of our friendly account coordinators will be in touch with a quote within 24hrs.

    If the services you would like to book are not covered under your NDIS funding, you can still book these through Blys and request a provider who is able to tailor the treatment to your disability requirements. You will follow the same process of completing an enquiry form and then paying privately.

    We’re Here To Help You Meet Your Mobility And Life Goals

    Easily connect with qualified and trusted mobile massage therapists, physiotherapists and beauty therapists through Blys.