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How To Become A Beauty Therapist

By October 24, 2023 No Comments

Written by Torrens University

Are you passionate about beauty and wellness, and wish to turn that passion into a rewarding career? Becoming a beauty therapist can be a fulfilling journey, offering you a way to inspire confidence in others as you continually evolve your skills.

Here’s a comprehensive guide to getting started in this exciting industry.

Step 1: Get Qualified

Your first step on this journey is obtaining a solid educational foundation. Enrolling in an Aesthetics course will ensure you’re equipped with the theoretical knowledge and practical skills required in the beauty industry.

Courses like Torrens University’s Diploma of Beauty and Spa Practice will provide you with a thorough foundation in the industry.  You can develop more advanced clinical skills with a Bachelor of Health Science (Aesthetics). If you’re keen to open your own beauty clinic, you may also want to consider a Diploma of Business.

If a particular beauty therapy service stands out to you, you might want to focus your attention on that with extra courses and training, such as accredited laser therapy safety courses. Ongoing training throughout your career will help keep your skills sharp and up to industry standard.

With a quality qualification, you’ll be well-versed in various treatments and understand the nuances of client care, setting you up for success.

Step 2: Build your professional kit

Before you start purchasing items, it’s crucial to understand the services you plan to offer as this will impact the type of kit you actually need. While the specifics depend on your services, ensure you’re prepared for a range of client needs. You’ll probably find your kit evolves over time as you explore new products and services you can offer.

For example, make-up artists will need make-up basics – foundations, concealers, blushes, eyeshadows and so on – in a wide range of shades for different skin tones. You’ll also want tools such as brushes, sponges and wipes, and products to clean skin and sanitise tools and products.

Those focusing on facials or other skincare services should carry a range of cleansers, exfoliants, serums and moisturisers tailored to different skin concerns, as well as tools like facial steamers, extractors and microdermabrasion devices.

Step 3: Choose your path

It’s time to dive into the workforce. Many recent graduates opt to gain experience in a spa or salon, working alongside other experienced practitioners. However, if you’re entrepreneurial, launching your own business could be the perfect fit.

Mobile beauty therapy is a good place to start, as it keeps the overheads of running a business low. You can use platforms like Blys, Australia’s leading platform for mobile wellness providers, that connect you with clients seeking beauty and relaxation services in your area. Starting your own business with Blys will give you the freedom to set your own schedule, as well as earn 2 to 3 times higher than the industry standard.

Step 4: Build your client base

In today’s digital world, a strong online presence is essential for attracting clients. This means creating and maintaining a professional website that showcases your services, credentials, testimonials and a portfolio of your work.

Active social media accounts can also help you engage with potential clients, showcasing your skills, your interactions with clients, and any special promotions you might be offering.

Other ways you can build your client base are by:

  •   Leveraging client referrals
  •   Offering promotions or loyalty programs
  •   Participating in community events
  •   Providing exceptional service
  •   Using a platform like Blys to find clients

Read more tips on getting bookings and discover how to become featured on the Blys Instagram page here.

Step 4: Build your network

Building a strong network within the beauty community can provide invaluable support, learning and growth opportunities. You can expand your professional network by attending industry events, joining online forums and participating in local meetups.

As an example, the private Facebook group for professionals on the Blys platform offers an excellent networking opportunity, allowing you to connect with fellow providers and the Blys team directly.

Step 6: Continual growth

The beauty industry is dynamic, with new trends, techniques and products emerging constantly. To stay competitive and keep your skills up to date, you must embrace lifelong learning. This might involve taking advanced courses in specific areas, attending workshops or obtaining certifications in new treatments. And, of course, always seek client feedback to inspire you to learn, improve and grow as a beauty therapist.

Continual growth involves a combination of skill development, networking, self-improvement and business savvy. By committing to evolve and adapt, you ensure your career as a beauty therapist remains fulfilling and prosperous long into the future.

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