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New Blys Feature Helps HR Managers Book Employee Wellness On Demand

By June 16, 2023 No Comments
Employee Wellness Program

HR managers, team leaders, business owners, let’s get real for a minute—building a killer employee wellness program and a healthy, happy company culture is hard work! 

Between the hosting of regular 1:1 performance reviews and Friday afternoon drinks, it’s easy to find the idea of planning a unique team event daunting, especially when you know it’s going to mean chasing down quotes, back and forth emails and weeks of planning.

Enter: Blys For Teams

Your new best work friend that lets you book massage, beauty and wellness team events, on-demand.

Book and manage your next workplace massage, beauty and wellness event in our all in-one, full self-serve online platform – available to all customers in AU, NZ, US and UK via Blys website and mobile app.

Blys for Teams

Get instant pricing & quotes

Skip the sales spiel with our instant quote calculator. Simply enter the team head count, the service you’re interested in and how much time you have and we’ll generate a quote. With the press of a button, we’ll even email the quote straight to the big boss and convince them that your wellness budget is money well spent!

Blys for Teams

Seamless booking platform

Save yourself time from emailing old-school companies and chasing up quotes. Jump on Blys and place a group booking in a matter of minutes with our all-in-one online platform.

Blys for Teams

Forget about team calendar wrangling

Say bye to pen & paper schedules taped to board room doors, simply share your unique booking calendar link with the team and let employees select the treatment times that work with their schedule. (Got a hybrid team? This one’s for you!)

Blys for Teams

We even take care of the reminders for you

Staff can add their treatment time straight to their company calendar and we’ll send an email confirmation and reminder before the booking start time.

Blys for Teams

Arrange recurring bookings instantly

Keep your team energised and engaged with instant rebooking. Weekly massages? Yes please!

Can we split the bill? Yes you can!

You now have the option to co-pay for treatments with the team. Simply set the co-payment amount and we’ll send the team member their booking summary. 

Add multiple account managers

Invite your HR & People team to join your Blys account so they can access and manage your upcoming group bookings.

Blys for Teams

View your providers ratings and reviews & rebook your favourites instantly

Trust your team is in great hands (literally) by checking the providers ratings, reviews and personal bios straight from the Blys dashboard. You can also look back on past appointments and re-book your favourite therapists instantly. 

Ready to create a happy, healthy team culture?

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