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Couples Massage At Home: Benefits and FAQ

What is a couple’s massage?

You might think that couples’ massages are exclusively directed at romantic partners. Well the good news, they aren’t! A couple’s massage is simply a massage that two people receive at the same time, in the same place, by two different massage therapists.

You can be friends, partners in crime or even second degree cousins, twice removed, you still qualify for a couple’s massage!

What reasons are there to get a couple’s massages?

Whilst you don’t really need a reason at all, couple’s massages are a great option, qualifying for a number of occasions. It has been shown that a couple’s massage can strength the bond between friends, partners, and relatives.

Stress relief

You and your significant other may have had a stressful month, and because you don’t have any holiday time booked, why not get a massage together? The best part, is that you can get a mobile couples massage! If you live in Sydney, you might well be eligible to have the mobile massage therapist come straight to your door, within a couple of hours of a booking.

Mothers’ day

How better to treat your mum to the pampering she deserves? It’s the perfect opportunity to show her just how thankful you are for all the years she has invested in securing you a bright and happy future. Not only will she love the massage, she’ll be able to enjoy the company too. By the way, this works for Fathers’ day, too!


Your best friend’s birthday is coming up and you’re all out of ideas on what to get them? Another golden opportunity to book both them and yourself a couple’s massage. The benefit here is that you get to enjoy the present too!

Anniversary or Wedding gift

Who said that you had to be the one to accompany your friend or parent on their massage. If you are looking for the perfect wedding or anniversary gift, this is it. Send the beautiful couple to be treated by a team of massage therapists, whose sole task is to wipe away the stress, loosen the muscles, and make sure they come out rejuvenated.

Pretty much every other day

Setting aside special occasions, sometimes it’s nice to just spend an hour or two getting taken care of, and with a friend, this can be twice the fun. Share the contents of each other’s lives, or get ready in style for a night out in town. Who needs a reason to get a massage, anyway?

Couples massage

What are the benefits of couples’ massages?

Depending on who you receive your massage in the company of, there are different benefits to you and your loved ones.

Did you know that when couples (romantic partners, business partners, etc) go to therapy, they are often given homework? This homework can be as simple as spending some quality time alone together, without distractions. A great way to do that is a couples’ massage. By spending time alone together in a room, with no TV, no phone, no iPad, it allows you to appreciate each other’s company. Maybe you can catch up on each other’s day? Or maybe just sit in silence, allowing the massage to relax you, and be comfortable in each others company without distraction.

Massage is a great way to practise mindfulness, which has been scientifically demonstrated to improve wellbeing and overall mood. Sharing this with another will create or strengthen a bond over a shared sense of peace and tranquillity, brining you closer together, whether you are romantically involved, or just looking for some mother-daughter bonding time.

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Also for you love birds out there, a couple’s massage is a great way to get your senses tingling. Picture this: a warm relaxing room, with nothing but the sound of each other’s breathing, and the sounds of nature, or of gentle music in the background. The massage oils are perfectly perfumed to bring your senses to life, bringing you to a state of relaxation and at the same time, total and contentment.

You know the best part is? This unadulterated moment of pleasure is one that you shared. It’s a different, and intimate experience that you will be unlikely to forget. It’s an enchanting experience that both of you will walk away from ready to face tomorrow.

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