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Quadriplegic Massage in Brisbane – Real Customer Stories

By January 22, 2020 No Comments

Two years ago, Mel was on the hunt for a mobile massage service that would be able to attend him in his home in northern Brisbane. As a quadriplegic, it could be a challenge to find a clinic that offered a consistent service and accommodated his requirements. Accessibility of equipment, adequate services and a high turnover rate all contributed to Mel taking matters into his own hands. He said to himself, “Oh well, I’ll just look around and see mobile therapists.”

So he did. Since discovering Blys online back in 2018, Mel has enjoyed just shy of 50 massages at home.

Despite the seriousness of his condition, Mel remains a warm and good-spirited person. Since his mobility restricts him from using a massage table, he needed a therapist who would be able to treat him in bed. Blys connected Mel with KC, an experienced veteran of massage. They are a great fit, and Mel rebooks KC fortnightly. When asked why he enjoys home massages with her, Mel says that “KC has come to know the type of massage I like and gets the job done.”

The right massage therapist is important – it determines how affective your treatment is. KC practices deep tissue massage for Mel since it is the best at removing tension and knots from his shoulders and neck. For Mel, having someone who he is comfortable with and who knows his body well is the difference between a good treatment and bad service. During their many sessions together, KC has been able to develop a tailored routine for Mel. It’s clockwork – Mel doesn’t need to waste time instructing unfamiliar therapists on where he needs treatment, adjusting their pressure, and otherwise being left unsatisfied. KC just shows up and “gets the job done”. The client-therapist relationship becomes an intrinsic part of a wellness routine. When healing is involved, a bond like this is sacred.

Mel likes Blys because of its ease and the professionalism of the therapists. As a quadriplegic, home and on-demand services like massage are invaluable. Mel also has a mobile acupuncturist treat him at home and combines these services to enhance the effects of both of them. Between sessions, Mel uses a self-massage tool to maintain his massage treatments and avoid tension build-up.

Quadriplegia has affected Mel’s life for 45 years. Limited mobility means that home services like massage are always in demand. By connecting fully qualified, insured and experienced therapists like KC to clients who need them as Mel does, Blys makes health and wellness services easier and more accessible.

A goal Mel has for 2020 is to try and not be bed bound. We hope that with continuous treatments, visits from KC, and his determined nature, Mel will reach this goal. We’re cheering for you, Mel!

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