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Corporate Massage Sydney

Keep your Sydney team happy and create a winning culture with Blys in-office corporate massage.

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    Our Corporate Chair Massage In Action

    Why Teams Love Blys Corporate Massage

    Corporate Massage Sydney - Improved Morale


    Happy staff = Healthy business. Period.

    Improve workplace morale, wellness & productivity with Blys. Our Sydney corporate massage packages help your team wind down, de-stress and feel great. Blys is the perfect way to show your staff you care.

    Corporate Massage Melbourne - Affordable Quality


    At Blys we are all about value and a premium experience. Our Sydney corporate massage prices are highly competitive yet we offer a superior quality. We have a number of plans to suit your corporate needs and provide discounts for large-scale events.

    Corporate Massage Adelaide


    To ensure you get the best,  all therapists are vetted in person by our Head Therapist in each city. They are also put through a comprehensive on-boarding process to ensure consistency in treatment. All Blys therapists have a minimum qualification of Certificate 4 in Massage Therapy.

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    Blys is designed to work in offices with limited space. Our massage chair only requires 1m x 1.5m space, so our therapists are used to working in small office spaces.

    Corporate Massage Brisbane - Flexible Bookings


    Whether it’s a 10min chair massage for all staff, or a full 1-hour table massage for smaller teams, all our sessions are flexible and can be fully customised for your team.

    Corporate Massage Adelaide - Last Minute Bookings


    Our on-demand service means you don’t have to plan your massage session ahead. We can accommodate same day requests at our usual corporate massage rates . Because we know life doesn’t always go to plan, we don’t charge any cancellation fees if you provide 24 hours notice.

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    If you’re looking to reward your Sydney team with a corporate massage, Blys is your solution. Blys boasts some of Sydney’s most qualified and experienced corporate therapists. You will get a fully-integrated staff booking page, aromatherapy, relaxing music and all equipment delivered straight to your office. So all you need to do is sit back and let Blys take care of the rest. Your team will love it.

    corporate massage sydney

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Got a few questions?

    How much does a corporate massage in Sydney cost?

    Our corporate massage Sydney prices depend on the length of event, and how many therapists will be required. Visit our instant corporate massage quote calculator, or call us on 1300 420 188.

    Are there any corporate massage packages for Sydney?

    Yes. Massage therapy for your employees can be paired with other Blys wellness options like group meditation or a yoga or pilates lesson.

    You can also arrange beauty treatments for the team if they are going out for the evening, such as a manicure bar, a makeup station, or a haircut. To book a reservation, please contact our team.

    When and how do I pay for corporate massage in Sydney?

    Corporate bookings must be paid in advance. We can accept credit cards (for which an invoice will be sent) or create an invoice and email it to you.

    Is there a cancellation fee?

    All confirmed Group bookings (including but not limited to bookings for offices / teams, events, and other groups of 4 or more people) will be subject to 10% cancellation fee if canceled after Booking Request being accepted.

    Additionally, the following will also apply:

    • 48 – 72 hours prior to scheduled booking start time = 20% fee,
    • 24 – 48 hours prior to scheduled booking start time = 50% fee,
    • 24 hours prior to scheduled booking start time = 100% fee.

    The complete customer cancellation policy may be found here:

    How can I get a quote for chair massage services in Sydney?

    You can instantly get a quote by visiting our instant corporate massage quote calculator, or call us on 1300 420 188.  Our Sydney chair massage prices depend on the length of event, and the number of therapists that will be required.

    Why should I get a corporate massage in Sydney?

    A corporate massage is a wonderful way to reward your team. A break from sitting at a desk all day or standing for presentations.

    A standard office massage targets the back, neck, and shoulders, which are the areas of the body that hold the greatest tension after a hard day at the office.

    A workplace massage is the ideal reward for your Sydney team, whether for an event or simply to recognize teamwork, hard work, and team spirit.

    Can I choose my massage therapist in Sydney?

    Blys provider directory can help you find massage therapists in Sydney.

    You can also call us and we will assist you in booking your preferred massage therapist.

    Can I rebook with the same corporate massage therapist?

    Yes you can. Blys website and mobile app (ios and android) make it simple to rebook with the same therapist. You can choose your preferred therapists for corporate massage services.