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What is Airbrush Makeup?

Airbrush makeup is a term constantly used in the beauty community, but you may be wondering, what does it actually mean? 

Airbrush makeup utilizes a tool that sprays makeup layers onto your face, including foundation, bronzer and blush. This makeup application means your skin will have a flawless finish and will last all day!

What is the difference between Airbrush Makeup and Traditional Makeup?

The main difference between Airbrush and Traditional makeup is the technique that is used to apply it. While traditional makeup uses brushes, sponges or the fingers to apply foundation, airbrush makeup involves a spray gun that sprays the makeup straight onto your face. 

Traditional makeup allows for better coverage to eliminate imperfections.

Traditional makeup is usually more full-coverage then airbrush, however airbrush can cover redness and any imperfections with fewer layers as the artist can focus the product in small areas.

For example: If your face has discoloration or blemishes before, traditional makeup eliminates imperfection for a full coverage and flawless skin after.

However, for airbrush makeup, it is a very natural look, with good coverage and a silky softness to your features afterwards. 

Both Airbrush and Traditional makeup techniques can last all day, but while traditional makeup depends on the type of layered products used ( primer, setting spray, etc ), the airbrushing makeup allows for the product to stay on all day long without looking cakey making it very popular for weddings

Benefits of Airbrush Makeup versus Traditional Makeup

Airbrush Makeup Traditional Makeup
  • More flawless finish 
  • Lasts all day 
  • Invisible look with good coverage 
  • No need for touch-ups throughout the day 
  • Water resistant 
  • Photographs better 
  • Great for all kinds of skin types 
  • Airbrush is hypoallergenic (better for someone with allergies)
  • More affordable and accessible on an everyday basis  
  • Fuller coverage
  • Great for all kinds of skin types 
  • More options for makeup products

Is airbrush makeup better?

Airbrush makeup is not considered better or worse than traditional makeup, however, depending on what finish you’re after it can be a better option

Traditional makeup is better for everyday use as it is more accessible and affordable. 

Airbrushing is perfect for special occasions such as weddings or formal events, especially when photoshoots are involved (where you won’t have as much opportunity to touch up your makeup)

Airbrush makeup services

You can opt for an airbrush makeup service when making your next booking through Blys and an airbrush professional will arrive, ready to glam you up.

If you are unsure about whether an airbrush makeup look is what you want, it is best to book a makeup service and then consult with your chosen makeup artist during the booking process.

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