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5 Ways Massage Therapy Improves Health And Wellbeing

By May 9, 2017 No Comments

The most common reason for a person to receive a massage is to address physical pain. However, the majority of people don’t realise the plethora of health benefits that massage therapy can provide to overall health and well-being, ultimately leading to a happier lifestyle.

Pain reduction

Massage therapy is the most common treatment for back pain. Regular back massages are the perfect fit for those who work in an office environment or those suffering high stress or anxiety which can lead to muscle tension. The elimination of physical pain clears both the body’s pain receptors and the mind.

Psychological balance

The mental benefits of massage therapy are limitless. Simply scheduling an hour for yourself to relax reduces anxiety, anger and can improve sleep patterns. Listening to your body’s needs heightens the motivation to take care of it regularly. For those living fast and busy lifestyles, massage therapy is the perfect way to maintain a sense of balance.

Improved circulation

The stimulus of massage improves blood circulation. An improvement in circulation assists in the bloodstream carrying oxygen to vital muscles, eliminating waste and detoxing.

Joint mobility

Reducing pressure on joints will instantly improve mobility. For those suffering inflammatory diseases such as arthritis, massage therapy can relieve pressure and increase flexibility.

Increase in immunity

Massage therapy stimulates the body’s natural defence system – the lymph nodes. Stimulating lymph nodes not only helps fight existing infections, it can also increase the body’s ability to fight future diseases and illnesses.

Research continues to show the abundance of benefits of massage therapy. It can help assist neurological diseases, injuries, chronic diseases and relieve the pressures of busy contemporary lifestyles. Massage therapy is expanding its reach and is becoming a key factor in neonatal care and within hospice facilities.

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