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Should You Get A Massage When Hungover? Your Hangover Cure Questions Answered

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The festive season is nearly here, which means boozy lunches, Christmas parties and late nights are on the horizon. Even with the best of intentions, a hangover (or two) are likely along the way. 

But before you reach for Uber Eats and get 10 hashbrowns delivered to your door (trust us, we’ve been there too), it’s worth considering other ways to beat your next hangover. 

If you’re wondering whether a massage can help you detoxify your body after a big night, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s run you through what the science says about getting a massage while hungover and how to take care of your sore head with in-home wellness treatments this silly season.

How massage affects the body 

First up, let’s dive into the science behind massages and how massage treatments can support the body’s natural detoxifying processes. 

While each type of massage is unique, generally speaking, massages stimulate lymph fluid around the body which is responsible for moving and purifying the body’s waste products and toxins. This helps to speed up the body’s natural drainage process which is great for detoxifying the body after those big nights out. 

Are you wondering, ‘does massage detoxify the body’ or ‘does massage help a hangover?’. 

While there’s no specific ‘detoxifying massage’, many massages  can promote deep relaxation by decreasing the levels of stress hormones like cortisol and increasing positive hormones like dopamine, serotonin and endorphins. A massage can be really helpful for those days when you wake up with major hangxiety and are looking to calm down and bliss out.

How alcohol affects the body 

Alcohol is a diuretic meaning it causes dehydrating effects which is why you probably wake up extremely thirsty from a night of drinking. 

One of the big things to remember about alcohol is that it weakens the body’s immune system. This essentially cancels out a lot of the positive effects of massages which strengthens the immune system so it’s probably not the best idea to get a massage straight after a big night of drinking. 

But despite what the science says, we know there’s no better feeling than getting a calming relaxation massage to enjoy from the comfort of your home after a big night.

So if you’re thinking about booking a massage after hangover, we say go for it.

How does a massage interact with alcohol?

First up, it’s important to call out that getting a massage while intoxicated isn’t a good idea. Massages and alcohol don’t mix, so make sure to never book a treatment while under the influence. 

Depending on the type of massage you get, a massage can either stimulate or relax the body. 

The stimulating and energising effects of certain types of massage sometimes increase the effects of alcohol which isn’t exactly ideal. On the flip side, more relaxing types of massage (like a Swedish relaxation massage) can cause a sedating effect on the body to calm your nervous system. 

With that in mind, getting a massage when hungover isn’t necessarily bad. It can have positive detoxifying effects since your body is full of toxins from a big day of drinking. Since massage can help clear your lymphatic system, it can speed up your hangover recovery by getting rid of everything you put in your body the night before. 

On top of that, if you’re asking yourself whether a  head massage can a hangover headache it can! A good head massage will alleviate headachesy by increasing circulation and stimulating blood flow to the brain.

Best practices for massage when hungover 

When you’re hungover you likely will try anything to get rid of it whether that’s heading to the McDonald’s drive-through, drinking a litre of Gatorade, shutting the curtains and sleeping in bed all day. But massages and hangovers can be a match made in heaven (and a powerful hangover cure).

Now that you know how a massage are a hangover remedy and can help boost those feel-good hormones and support the body’s detoxifying processes, let’s run through some best practices for getting a massage while hungover. 

It’s best to not get a massage straight after a big night of drinking. Instead, wait a couple of hours when your mind and body are feeling a little better and get a massage in the afternoon. Massages can also promote better sleep so if you’ve got hangxiety and have work the next morning a massage can get your prepped and ready for the work week ahead. 

When you’re hungover you’ll also want to make sure you’re choosing the right massage and a lymphatic drainage massage may be the answer to all your hangover problems. A lymphatic drainage massage after a hangover uses light pressure and long, rhythmic strokes to move the lymph fluid and direct toxins to larger organs in your body to remove waste. 

Plus a head massage for a hangover headache is a sure-fire way to relieve some of the worst symptoms of a big night out.

What else can you do to treat your hangover? 

We all know how annoying stubborn hangovers can be, lasting basically the entire day (and sometimes the entire weekend). 

Unfortunately, there’s no silver bullet to curing a hangover – time and rest are the magic ingredients to feeling like your best self again. But there are a few things you can do to make yourself feel better throughout your recovery day. 

  • Take a painkiller: if you’ve got a throbbing headache then head to the chemist to pick up some painkillers to curb the immediate symptoms and help out your sore head. 
  • Stay hydrated: since alcohol dehydrates the body, it’s important to drink a ton of water throughout the day to make sure your body is as hydrated as possible.
  • Get enough rest: the best hangover cure is to sleep it off, and make sure your hangover isn’t intensified by fatigue after a big night.

Ultimately, there’s nothing fun about a hangover. The best way to treat your hangover is to get enough rest and allow your body to recover. 

A massage can speed up the body’s recovery process and better yet you don’t even have to leave the house to get one. Through Blys, you can avoid the bright lights of the outside world and get a massage delivered to your door!

Ready to take advantage of the detoxifying effects of a massage to treat your hangover?

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